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In the context of their Executive Master "Management & Coaching", Paris Dauphine-PSL University & Neocognition (AI division of Chrysippe-R&D) are organizing on Friday, June 30, 2023, a video conference symposium titled "Collaborative artificial intelligence & managerial impacts within organizations: challenges, opportunities and vigilance."

This academic symposium, the first of its kind, aims to explore various aspects of integrating collaborative conversational artificial intelligence into the professional world. It brings together experts from various fields, such as digital applied management sciences, psychology & engineering of conversational AI, philosophy & law of new technologies, and deep learning.

During this event, the speakers will provide a multidisciplinary perspective on collaborative conversational AI, defined as an adequate architecture of distributed cooperation between human and artificial intelligences, where each contributes its added value to the development of individuals and organizations.

This symposium will be a unique opportunity for participants to acquire operational insights for understanding the challenges of collaborative conversational AI and the reorganization of work and management modalities it entails. Presentations and discussions will highlight the opportunities and vigilance to consider when adopting this collaborative AI within organizations.

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